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규제기준 변화에 따른 PCBs 인체 및 생태 위해성 평가

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 Health and Ecological Risk Assessment of PCBs-exposure by Regulation Guideline Change 
 임영욱  ;  양지연  ;  정종수  ;  이용진  ;  김진영  ;  이청수  ;  고성준  ;  신동천 
 Journal of Environmental Health Sciences (한국환경보건학회지), Vol.23(1) : 53-62, 2008 
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 Journal of Environmental Health Sciences (한국환경보건학회지) 
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PCBs ; health risk ; ecological risk ; regulation change
In the present study, the concentration levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (or PCBs) in the environments in Korea are estimated based on some measured data in Korea, in comparison with the data from the other countries, Even though PCBs were banned as electrical fluids in 1970s in Korea, PCBs are still detected in the environment. PCBs levels in Korea are greatly lower than those in other countries, which are gradually decreased as well. However, the measured data are not sufficient in both numbers and quality, to estimate the average PCBs levels in Korea. The regulation limit on polychlorinated biphenyls (or PCBs) is 2mg/kg (ppm), which is too low compared to 50 ppm of many other countries including U.S. With this strict regulation, there are many problems expected, for example, in the analysis of PCBs in the transformers using in the field as well as the safe treatment of PCBs. The risk assessment on the PCBs in the environment is surely necessary prior to the change in the limit. Also the PCBs concentration monitoring in the environmental media(i.e. air, water, soil and sediment) and exposure assessment will be essential for the accurate risk assessment. If the PCB-waste guideline maintain as 2 ppm after 10 years, the excess cancer risk of PCBs exposure by ambient air, drinking water and soil was 10<SUP>-8</SUP> But if the guideline mitigate as 50 ppm after 10 years, the cancer risk was increased by 10<SUP>-7</SUP>. The ecological risk quotient by regulation change was not exceed '1'.
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