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Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)와 Hydroxyapatite 복합재료 지지체의 연골세포 적 합성 연구 (II)

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 The Effect of Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)/Hydroxyapatite Composite Scaffold on Chondrocyte Cyto-compatibility (II) 
 이선호  ;  서혁진  ;  최재봉  ;  박종철  ;  김정구 
 Biomaterials Research (생체재료학회지), Vol.12(2) : 77-81, 2008 
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 Biomaterials Research (생체재료학회지) 
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PLGA, Tissue engineering, Hydroxyapatite, Composite, Chondrocyte
The effect of PLGA/HA composite material on cellular adhesion and proliferation was investigated. The composite film was prepared by poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) and hydroxyapatite (HA). The PLGA was used as matrix mate- rial and the HA particles were incorporated as reinforcing material. The HA particles were mixed in 5, 10 and 15 wt% with PLGA for preparing PLGA/HA composite film and scaffold. Mechanical property of the composite film was char- acterized by tensile test. The ultimate tensile strength of 10 wt% HA content film was two-fold higher than control group. Surface of the composite films and scaffolds were characterized by contact angle measurement and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The PLGA/HA composites were more hydrophilic than control group. The SEM picture showed that the pores in the PLGA/HA composite scaffold were clearly observed as the pores in the PLGA scaffold (control). For the PLGA/HA composite scaffold, compression test was performed. The compressive stress was decreased with increasing the amount of HA. This is the same phenomenon as the tensile test for composite film. For cell-com- patibility, cellular attachment and proliferation were significantly higher on PLGA/HA (10 wt%) composite film than control group (1.5 times higher in attachment test and 1.3 times higher for 6th -day culture in proliferation assaying, p<0.05). However, the PLGA/HA (10wt%) composite scaffold showed not as good result as the film has. For 3-D scaf- fold structure, it is presumed that other geometrical factors may important role in cellular adhesion and proliferation.
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