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정신분열병 환자에서 가상현실을 이용한 추론과제 수행 중 활성화된 뇌영역과 현존감과의 관계 : 기능자기공명영상 연구

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 The Relationship between Cortical Activation during an Inference Task and Presence in the Virtual Environment in Patients with Schizophrenia:An fMRI Study 
 최수희  ;  김재진  ;  박일호  ;  김소영  ;  구정훈  ;  이형래  ;  윤강준  ;  김인영  ;  김선일 
 Journal of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association (신경정신의학), Vol.47(3) : 239-246, 2008 
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 Journal of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association (신경정신의학) 
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OBJECTIVES: Virtual reality has been increasingly used in the psychiatric field. Presence, the sense of "being there," is an essential concept in terms of the effectiveness of the virtual reality. The present study aimed to investigate the characteristics of the presence-related brain regions in patients with schizophrenia. METHODS: Using fMRI, brain activities were measured while performing the virtual reality tasks in fifteen healthy normal subjects and fifteen patients with schizophrenia. The tasks consisted of listening to some stories and inferring the content of the previous events. Ambiguous information was given for the experimental task, whereas clear information was given for the control task. Correlations between the image contrast values and the presence scores were analyzed. RESULTS: The presence-related brain regions in healthy controls were identified in the two discrete region groups that could be referred to as the cognitive neural correlates and the perceptual neural correlates. The former included the anterior cingulate, the left inferior temporal gyrus, the right lingual gyrus, and the right cuneus, whereas the latter consisted of the right posterior cingulate, the left lingual gyrus and the right fusiform gyrus. Compared with healthy controls, regional correlation patterns were different in patients with schizophrenia, including that the posterior cingulate had significant correlations. CONCLUSION: These results suggest that patients with schizophrenia utilize perceptual apparatus for the presence more than the cognitive aspect. A peculiar pattern of the presence in schizophrenia may be related to increased correlations between the posterior cingulate and other brain regions.
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