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3차원 전산화 단층 사진을 이용한 안면비대칭 환자의 악교정 수술 전, 후 교근 분석

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 Analysis of masseter muscle in facial asymmetry before and after orthognathic surgery using 3-dimensional computed tomography 
 서승아  ;  백형선  ;  황충주  ;  유형석 
 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS, Vol.39(1) : 18-27, 2009 
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Masseter muscle ; Facial asymmetry ; Mandibular setback osteotomy ; Normal occlusion ; Three dimensional computed tomography (3D CT)
Objective: The purpose of this study was to understand the differences in masseter muscle(MM) between the shifted and non-shifted sides in facial asymmetry patients, and the changes shown by MM after mandibular surgery. Methods: Pre- and post-operative CT scans were performed on 12 Class III patients with facial asymmetry who were treated by intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy and 10 subjects with normal occlusion. Using the V-works 4.0 program(Cybermed, Seoul, Korea), 3-dimensional images of the mandible, and MM were reconstructed, and evaluated. Results: In the asymmetry group, the MM angle between the shifted and non-shifted sides was only significantly different(p<0.05). Compared with normal occlusion, the asymmetry group showed a significantly smaller volume and maximum cross-sectional area in both sides of MM(p<0.05). After mandibular surgery, the angle of MM(p<0.01) and differences in angle between the shifted and non-shifted sides of MM(p<0.05) were significantly decreased. The thickness in the maximum cross-sectional area was significantly increased(p<0.01). After surgery, MM in facial asymmetry patients was similarly changed to those in the normal occlusion group except for widths. Conclusions: MM in facial asymmetry was definitely different from those in normal occlusion. However, this study suggests that MM changed symmetrically in conjunction with the mandible after proper mandibular surgery
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