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Park, Chang Gi [박창기]
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College of Nursing (간호대학) - Dept. of Nursing (간호학과)

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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2020Health-related quality of life among migrant workers: The impact of health-promoting behaviorsNURSING & HEALTH SCIENCES
2020Factors Influencing Satisfaction with Patient-Controlled Analgesia Among Postoperative Patients Using a Generalized Ordinal Logistic Regression Model ASIAN NURSING RESEARCH
2018간호대학생의 죽음불안 영향요인 Journal of the Korean Data & Information Science Society (한국데이터정보과학회지)
2018Mediators and Moderators of Health-Related Quality of Life in People Living with HIVJANAC-JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION OF NURSES IN AIDS CARE
2017Quality of life among Korean gastrointestinal cancer survivors EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY NURSING
2016Psychometric Properties of Korean Version of Self-Efficacy of Evidence-Based Practice Scale ASIAN NURSING RESEARCH
2016Factors affecting the trajectory of health-related quality of life in COPD patients.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TUBERCULOSIS AND LUNG DISEASE
2009생활습관 요인이 대사증후군 유병 위험에 미치는 영향 JOURNAL OF KOREAN ACADEMY OF NURSING
2009제대혈 기증·보관한 산부의 제대혈 관련 지식 및 태도 Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing (여성건강간호학회지)