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강명모 [Kang, Myengmo]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Life Science
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2017Cyclized Oligopeptide Targeting LRP5/6-DKK1 Interaction Reduces the Growth of Tumor Burden in a Multiple Myeloma Mouse Model 강명모, 임승길Article
2016The systemic effects of sclerostin overexpression using ΦC31 integrase in mice강명모, 임승길Article
2016A Novel Human PTH Analog [Cys25]hPTH(1-34) Restores Bone Mass in Ovariectomized Mice강명모, 신동민, 임승길Article
2010Hoxc8 represses BMP-induced expression of Smad6강명모, 김명희, 박형우, 복진웅Article
2010In vitro osteoblast differentiation is negatively regulated by Hoxc8강명모, 김명희, 민혜현, 정현주Article
2009Clinical and molecular characterizations of novel POU3F4 mutations reveal that DFN3 is due to null function of POU3F4 protein. 강명모, 공경아, 복진웅Article
2008Membrane transducing activity of recombinant Hoxc8 protein and its possible application as a gene delivery vector 강명모, 김명희, 박형우Article
2008Isolation of Putative in vivo Hoxc8 Downstream Target Genes Using ChIP-Cloning Method 강명모, 김명희, 정현주Article
2007A Homeotic Gene, Hoxc8, Regulates the Expression of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen in NIH3T3 Cell 강명모, 김명희, 민혜현Article