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최종범 [Choi, Jong Bum]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (마취통증의학교실)

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2015Alternative Method of Retrocrural Approach during Celiac Plexus Block Using a Bent Tip Needle 고동균, 박철희, 안지원, 이윤우, 최은경, 최종범Article
2015The effect of intra-operative transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on posterior neck pain following thyroidectomy박철희, 신증수, 이용상, 장항석, 최종범, 한동우Article
2014The Association Between Quality of Care and Quality of Life in Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents With Preserved Cognition.박은철, 최종범Article
2014Incidence and Risk Factors of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Patients with Fentanyl-Based Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia and Single Antiemetic Prophylaxis 심연희, 이윤우, 이정수, 장철호, 최종범Article
2011Chronic Mandibular Osteomyelitis with Normal Value of C-reactive Protein 김도형, 윤덕미, 최종범Article
2011Estimation of Stellate Ganglion Block Injection Point Using the Cricoid Cartilage as Landmark Through X-ray Review 김기준, 윤경봉, 윤덕미, 이윤우, 최종범Article
2011Participation of K(ATP) Channels in the Antinociceptive Effect of Pregabalin in Rat Formalin Test 권태동, 김지영, 이윤우, 최종범Article
2011The thoracic paravertebral lamina technique for a patient with herpes zoster김도형, 박우영, 윤덕미, 최종범Article
2011Accidental intradural injection during attempted epidural block -A case report- 강승연, 윤주선, 이윤우, 최종범Article
2009Seckel 증후군 환자의 전신마취경험 길혜금, 최종범Article
2009열두 번째 갈비뼈 증후군 환자의 치료경험 : 증례보고 김원옥, 윤경봉, 윤덕미, 최종범Article
2008교감신경 의존적 및 비의존적 신경병증 통증 쥐 모델 후근신경절에서 Ca++ Channel α2δ Subunit와 TRPM8 발현 권태동, 이윤우, 최종범, 한동우Article
2004소아기에 시행된 안구 제거가 안와 부피 성장에 미치는 영향 국경훈, 이상열, 최정범, 최종범Article