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조주영 [Cho, Jooyoung]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Laboratory Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2019Comparison of five automated urine sediment analyzers with manual microscopy for accurate identification of urine sediment김정호, 이상국, 조주영Article
2018Platelet storage induces accelerated desialylation of platelets and increases hepatic thrombopoietin production 김현옥, 송재우, 양우익, 정준원, 조주영Article
2017진료과별 적혈구 수혈 결정 최저 혈색소 수치 검토 김현옥, 이은경, 조주영Article
2017Massilia varians Isolated from a Clinical Specimen 김건한, 이경원, 정석훈, 조주영Article
2017A practical way to overcome ascorbate interference in total cholesterol and triglyceride measurement by exploiting the autoxidation property of ascorbate김정호, 이상국, 조주영Article
2016Characterization of circulating antibodies with affinity to an epitope used in antibody-conjugated magnetic immunoassays from a case of falsely elevated cyclosporine A.김순일, 김정호, 이상국, 임지숙, 조주영Article
2016Influence of Vitamin C and Maltose on the Accuracy of Three Models of Glucose Meters. 김정호, 이상국, 임지숙, 정석훈, 조주영Article
2016Frequency and pattern of noninfectious adverse transfusion reactions at a tertiary care hospital in Korea 김신영, 김현옥, 조주영Article
2016Daratumumab 투여를 받은 다발성 골수종 환자에서 비예기항체 동정검사상 범응집 소견을 보인 1예 김대원, 김진석, 김현옥, 나현진, 이은경, 조주영Article
2016Identification of a novel allele, HLA-A*26:01:01:03N, by full-length genome sequencing김현숙, 박금보래, 조주영Article