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한승경 [Hann, Seung Kyung]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Dermatology

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2012siRNA-mediated knock-down of COX-2 in melanocytes suppresses melanogenesis.김미리, 신재용, 오상호, 한승경Article
2009Quality of life for Korean patients with vitiligo: Skindex-29 and its correlation with clinical profiles김도영, 박윤기, 신의진, 한승경Article
2008Recurrence of nevus depigmentosus after an autologous epidermal graft.박윤기, 한승경Article
2006The possibility of misdiagnosis of generalized vitiligo as pigmentary disease박윤기, 이민걸, 이상주, 조영훈, 한승경Article
2006안면부와 경부에 발생한 백반증에서 308 nm 엑시머 레이저 요법의 치료 효과 박윤기, 이주희, 한승경Article