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최태현 [Choi, Tae Hyun]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Orthodontics

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2018Model Analysis of Digital Models in Moderate to Severe Crowding: In Vivo Validation and Clinical Application 유형석, 차정열, 최성환, 최윤정, 최태현Article
2018Maxillary transverse expansion in adults: Rationale, appliance design, and treatment outcomes이기준, 최성환, 최태현Article
2015Assessment of masticatory function in patients with non-sagittal occlusal discrepancies김백일, 김희진, 박영철, 백형선, 이기준, 정주령, 최태현Article
2015Restoration of a vertical alveolar bone defect by orthodontic relocation of a mesially impacted mandibular first molar김성진, 이기준, 최태현Article
2014Timely relocation of subapically impacted maxillary canines and replacement of an ankylosed mandibular molar are the keys to eruption disturbances in a prepubertal patient김지영, 이기준, 최태현Article
2014Combined use of miniscrews and continuous arch for intrusive root movement of incisors in Class II division 2 with gummy smile김성진, 이기준, 최태현Article
2014Mandibular posterior anatomic limit for molar distalization김성진, 박영철, 백형선, 이기준, 최태현Article
2013Effective Tooth Movement Using Lingual Segmented Arch Mechanics Combined With Miniscrews 박영철, 이기준, 최태현Article
2013성인에서 미니스크류 보강형 비수술적 구개확장장치와 연속호선에 의한 악궁확장 효과 비교 이기준, 최태현Article
2013Distalization pattern of the maxillary arch depending on the number of orthodontic miniscrews박영철, 이기준, 최태현Article
2011Displacement pattern of the maxillary arch depending on miniscrew position in sliding mechanics.김영재, 박영철, 이기준, 최태현, 황충주Article
2011개방교합 및 횡적부조화를 보이는 골격성 II급 부정교합의 수술교정 치험례이기준, 최태현Article