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이명철 [Lee, Myung Chul]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery

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2015Functional Outcomes of Multiple Sural Nerve Grafts for Facial Nerve Defects after Tumor-Ablative Surgery 나동균, 유대현, 이명철, 이원재, 전여름, 최은창Article
2015Effects of ginsenoside Rb1 on hypertrophic scar remodeling in rabbit model.강은혜, 노현, 유대현, 이동원, 이명철, 탁관철Article
2014Medial Epicanthoplasty Using a Modified Skin Redraping Method 김영석, 유대현, 이명철Article
2014Multilayered implantation using acellular dermal matrix into nude mice.노현, 이동원, 이명철, 이원재Article