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안지원 [An, Ji Won]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2017Relationship between paravertebral muscle twitching and long-term effects of radiofrequency medial branch neurotomy 고재철, 김도형, 안지원, 이윤우Article
2017Suxamethonium induces a prompt increase in the bispectral index 라세희, 안지원Article
2017Comparison of the i-gel and other supraglottic airways in adult manikin studies: Systematic review and meta-analysis 김민수, 남상범, 안지원, 이종석, 이혜미Article
2017Diagnostic Accuracy of the Neck Tornado Test as a New Screening Test in Cervical Radiculopathy 안지원, 이윤우Article
2016Clinical Identification of the Vertebral Level at Which the Lumbar Sympathetic Ganglia Aggregate 고재철, 신명주, 안지원, 이윤우Article
2016Clinical Effectiveness of Ultrasound-guided Costotransverse Joint Injection in Thoracic Back Pain Patients 김신형, 박상준, 안지원, 윤경봉, 윤덕미Article
2016Variations in the distance between the cricoid cartilage and targets of stellate ganglion block in neutral and extended supine positions: an ultrasonographic evaluation 안지원, 이윤우Article
2015Alternative Method of Retrocrural Approach during Celiac Plexus Block Using a Bent Tip Needle 고동균, 박철희, 안지원, 이윤우, 최은경, 최종범Article
2015Ultrasonographic assessment of optic nerve sheath diameter during pediatric laparoscopy김민수, 민지영, 안지원, 오정탁, 이정림Article
2013Incidence of venous air embolism during myomectomy: the effect of patient position 권자영, 김기준, 신서경, 안지원Article
2013Laryngeal Mask Airway Insertion in Adults: Comparison between Fully Deflated and Partially Inflated Technique 김기준, 신서경, 안지원Article