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노경진 [Roh, Kyung Jin]
Department :
College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology (이비인후과학교실)

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2016Improvement of sudden bilateral hearing loss after vertebral artery stenting김지화, 노경진, 서상현, 이경열Article
2016Early deterioration of residual hearing in patients with SLC26A4 mutations노경진, 최재영Article
2016Audiologic limitations of Vibrant Soundbridge device: Is the contralateral hearing aid fitting indispensable?김성헌, 노경진, 문인석, 이전미, 정진세, 최재영, 황규린Article
2015A Case of Incus Vibroplasty: Postoperative Changes in Residual Hearing 노경진, 손은진, 이은정, 최병일Article
2015표피낭종으로 오인된 에크린 선암 1예 노경진, 변형권, 신유주Article
2015Long-Term Outcomes of Acute Low-Tone Hearing Loss 노경진, 박아영, 손은진, 이은정, 최병일Article
2015Electrogenic transport and K(+) ion channel expression by the human endolymphatic sac epithelium 김성헌, 노경진, 문인석, 정진세, 최재영Article
2015Quality of Life in Patients With Vestibular Schwannomas According to Management Strategy김현지, 노경진, 문인석, 오희소, 장원석Article