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심대보 [Shim, Dae Bo]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

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2011Pou3f4 deficiency causes defects in otic fibrocytes and stria vascularis by different mechanisms복진웅, 송미현, 심대보, 오령, 최재영Article
2010The effect of surgical timing on functional outcomes of traumatic facial nerve paralysis김진, 문인석, 심대보, 이원상Article
2010Useful surgical techniques for facial nerve preservation in tumorous intra-temporal lesions문인석, 심대보, 이원상, 이종대Article
2009Severe to profound hearing loss in patients with progressed Alport's syndrome문인석, 심대보, 최재영Article
2008메니에르병 환자에서 고실내 Gadolinium-diethylen-triamine pentaacetic acid 주입 후 자기공명영상을 통한 내림프공간의 시각화 김진아, 심대보, 이원상Article