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남주현 [Nam, Joo Hyun]
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Research Institutes (연구소) - Research Center for Human Natural Defense System (생체방어연구센터)

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2010Dynamic regulation of CFTR bicarbonate permeability by [Cl-]i and its role in pancreatic bicarbonate secretion.김경식, 김경환, 김주영, 남주현, 박현우, 윤재석, 이민구, 이정수Article
2010Ca2+ signaling induced by sphingosine 1-phosphate and lysophosphatidic acid in mouse B cells남주현Article
2009Menthol regulates TRPM8-independent processes in PC-3 prostate cancer cells남주현Article
2009Inhibition of store-operated Ca2+ entry channels and K+ channels by caffeic acid phenethylester in T lymphocytes.남주현Article
2009Identification of the large-conductance background K+ channel in mouse B cells as TREK-2. 남주현Article