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김보경 [Kim, Bo Gyung]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

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2014Comparison of the outcomes of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to the ipsilateral and contralateral auditory cortex in unilateral tinnitus김덕용, 김보경, 문인석Article
2014CliP-Coupler를 이용하여 등골에 시행한 인공중이이식술 1예 김보경, 서연석, 이전미, 최재영Article
2014Gene regulation by glucocorticoid in ENaC-mediated Na(+) transport by middle ear epithelial cells.김보경, 김성헌, 김진영, 김창훈, 최재영Article
2014Association between vestibular schwannomas and mobile phone use 김보경, 김진아, 문인석, 이원상Article
2014Developmental Changes of ENaC Expression and Function in the Inner Ear of Pendrin Knock-Out Mice as a Perspective on the Development of Endolymphatic Hydrops 김보경, 김성헌, 김진영, 김희남, 복진웅, 최재영Article
2013Enlarged Cochlear Aqueducts: A Potential Route for CSF Gushers in Patients With Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts김보경, 김성헌, 최재영Article
2013Methotrexate을 이용한 측두골에 생긴 염증성 가성종양의 치료 1예 김보경, 안상현, 이원상Article
2013Correlation of Cochlear Nerve Size and Auditory Performance After Cochlear Implantation in Postlingually Deaf Patients김보경, 김성헌, 박세라, 최재영Article
2013Tinnitus related to eyelid blinking김보경, 문인석Article
2013Limitations of hearing screening in newborns with PDS mutations김보경, 신중욱, 최재영Article
2013Leiomyosarcoma of the middle ear and temporal bone 김보경, 이원상Article
2011The extended indication of parotidectomy using the modified facelift incision in benign lesions: retrospective analysis of a single institution고윤우, 김보경, 이소윤, 정준희, 최은창, 홍현준Article