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김미주 [Kim, Mi Joo]
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College of Dentistry : Dept. of Dental Engineering
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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2017Cytotoxicity of Light-Cured Dental Materials according to Different Sample Preparation Methods 권재성, 김광만, 김미주, 이상배
2016혼합 직후 또는 경화된 근관용 실러의 한천중층시험 김광만, 김미주
2016Comparison of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Resin Matrix with Two Photoinitiator Systems in Dental Adhesives 김광만, 김미주
2014Cytotoxicity Test of One-Step Self-Etching Bonding Agents by Standardized Dentin Barrier Test Using Polyurethane Discs 김경남, 김광만, 김미주
2013Cytotoxicity test of dentin bonding agents using millipore filters as dentin substitutes in a dentin barrier test김경남, 김광만, 김미주, 이용근
2012한국 식품의약품안전청 및 외국의 치과재료 분류체계 조사 김경남, 김광만, 김미주, 박은주, 양송이