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Kang, Seok Min [강석민]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Internal Medicine (내과학교실)
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2024Metformin treatment is associated with improved survival in diabetic patients hospitalized with acute heart failure: A prospective observational study using the Korean acute heart failure registry dataDIABETES & METABOLISM
2023Association between frailty and physical performance in older patients with heart failure CLINICAL CARDIOLOGY
2023C-reactive protein accelerates DRP1-mediated mitochondrial fission by modulating ERK1/2-YAP signaling in cardiomyocytes BMB REPORTS
2023Do large thyroid nodules (≥4 cm) without suspicious cytology need surgery? FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY
2023Advanced heart failure: a contemporary approach KOREAN JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE
2023Clinical Implications of Device-Detected Atrial Fibrillation in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2023Korean Society of Heart Failure Guidelines for the Management of Heart Failure: Advanced and Acute Heart Failure KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2023The Association Between On-treatment Ambulatory Central Blood Pressure and Left Ventricular Reverse Remodeling in Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction International Journal of Heart Failure
2023Factors influencing left ventricular thrombus resolution and its significance on clinical outcomes ESC HEART FAILURE
2023Iron Deficiency in Korean Patients With Heart Failure JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2023Korean Society of Heart Failure Guidelines for the Management of Heart Failure: Treatment KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2023Effectiveness and Safety of a Fixed-Dose Combination of Valsartan and Rosuvastatin (Rovatitan® Tablet) in Patients with Concomitant Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia: An Observational Study DRUG DESIGN DEVELOPMENT AND THERAPY
2023Korean Society of Heart Failure Guidelines for the Management of Heart Failure: Definition and Diagnosis KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2023Red cell distribution width as a prognosticator in patients with heart failure ESC HEART FAILURE
2023Human induced pluripotent stem cell line YCMi007-A generated from a dilated cardiomyopathy patient with a heterozygous dominant c.613C > T (p. Arg205Trp) variant of the TNNT2 gene STEM CELL RESEARCH
2023Evaluation and Management of Patients with Diabetes and Heart Failure: A Korean Diabetes Association and Korean Society of Heart Failure Consensus Statement DIABETES & METABOLISM JOURNAL
2023Adult-onset MELAS syndrome in a 51-year-old woman without typical clinical manifestations: a case report EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL-CASE REPORTS
2023Lifestyle Modification in Heart Failure Management: Are We Using Evidence-Based Recommendations in Real World Practice? International Journal of Heart Failure
2022C-reactive protein and statins in heart failure with reduced and preserved ejection fraction FRONTIERS IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
2022In-hospital glycemic variability and all-cause mortality among patients hospitalized for acute heart failure CARDIOVASCULAR DIABETOLOGY
2022Impact of predicted heart mass-based size matching on survival after heart transplantation in Korea: Analysis of the Korean Organ Transplant RegistryJOURNAL OF HEART AND LUNG TRANSPLANTATION
2022Association of Sinoatrial Node Radiation Dose With Atrial Fibrillation and Mortality in Patients With Lung CancerJAMA ONCOLOGY
2022Modified reverse shock index predicts early outcomes of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction ESC HEART FAILURE
2022Efficacy and safety of low-dose antihypertensive combination of amlodipine, telmisartan, and chlorthalidone: A randomized, double-blind, parallel, phase II trial JOURNAL OF CLINICAL HYPERTENSION
2022A dose-response relationship of renin-angiotensin system blockers and beta-blockers in patients with acute heart failure syndrome: a nationwide prospective cohort studyEUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL-CARDIOVASCULAR PHARMACOTHERAPY
2022Impact of NT-proBNP on prognosis of acute decompensated chronic heart failure versus de novo heart failureINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY
2022Comparison of mid-term clinical outcome in heart transplantation patients using mycophenolate mofetil vs. enteric-coated mycophenolate sodium FRONTIERS IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
2022An induced pluripotent stem cell line (YCMi006-A) generated from a patient with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy who carries the ACTA1 mutation p.Ile343Met STEM CELL RESEARCH
2022Prevalence and prognosis of refractory hypertension diagnosed using ambulatory blood pressure measurementsHYPERTENSION RESEARCH
2022Statin Therapy in HIGH-Risk Individuals with NORMal Coronary Arteries: The HIGH-NORM Study JOURNAL OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS AND THROMBOSIS
2022Impact of Cardiac Troponin Elevation on Mortality of Patients with Acute Heart Failure: Insights from the Korea Acute Heart Failure (KorAHF) Registry JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2022Impact of successful restoration of sinus rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation and acute heart failure: Results from the Korean Acute Heart Failure registry CARDIOLOGY JOURNAL
2022Cancer Therapy-Related Cardiac Dysfunction in Patients Treated with a Combination of an Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor and Doxorubicin CANCERS
2022Prognostic Impact and Predictors of New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation in Heart Failure Life
2022Real-world eligibility for vericiguat in decompensated heart failure with reduced ejection fraction ESC HEART FAILURE
2022Derivation of YCMi005-A, a human-induced pluripotent stem cell line, from a patient with dilated cardiomyopathy carrying missense variant in TPM1 (p. Glu192Lys) STEM CELL RESEARCH
2022Synthetic Extracellular Volume Fraction Derived Using Virtual Unenhanced Attenuation of Blood on Contrast-Enhanced Cardiac Dual-Energy CT in Nonischemic CardiomyopathyAMERICAN JOURNAL OF ROENTGENOLOGY
2022Prognostic Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Markers of Left Ventricular Involvement in Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy for Predicting Heart Failure Outcomes JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION
2022Generation of a human induced pluripotent stem cell line YCMi004-A from a patient with dilated cardiomyopathy carrying a protein-truncating mutation of the Titin gene and its differentiation towards cardiomyocytes STEM CELL RESEARCH
2022The Prescription Characteristics, Efficacy and Safety of Spironolactone in Real-World Patients With Acute Heart Failure Syndrome: A Prospective Nationwide Cohort Study FRONTIERS IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
2022The impact of cardiopulmonary exercise-derived scoring on prediction of cardio-cerebral outcome in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy PLOS ONE
2022A Prospective Randomized, Double-Blind, Multi-Center, Phase III Clinical Trial Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Olmesartan/Amlodipine plus Rosuvastatin Combination Treatment in Patients with Concomitant Hypertension and Dyslipidemia: A LEISURE Study JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2022Rivaroxaban Once-Daily vs. Dose-Adjusted Vitamin K Antagonist on Biomarkers in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure and Atrial Fibrillation (ROAD HF-AF): Rationale and Design of an Investigator-Initiated Multicenter Randomized Prospective Open-Labeled Pilot Clinical Study FRONTIERS IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
2021Angiotensin receptor-neprilysin inhibitor in patients with heart failure and chronic kidney disease KIDNEY RESEARCH AND CLINICAL PRACTICE
2021LncRNA HSPA7 in human atherosclerotic plaques sponges miR-223 and promotes the proinflammatory vascular smooth muscle cell transition EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE
2021Comparison of the Association Between Arterial Stiffness Indices and Heart Failure in Patients With High Cardiovascular Risk: A Retrospective Study FRONTIERS IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
2021Erdheim-Chester disease presenting as an intracardiac mass and pericardial effusion confirmed by biopsy: a case report EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL-CASE REPORTS
2021Heart Failure Statistics in Korea, 2020: A Report from the Korean Society of Heart Failure International Journal of Heart Failure
2021Evaluation of Adherence to Guideline for Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction and with or without Atrial Fibrillation JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2021Establishment of a novel human iPSC line (YCMi003-A) from a patient with dilated cardiomyopathy carrying genetic variant LMNA p.Asp364His STEM CELL RESEARCH