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강민재 [Kang, M-j]
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Others - Severance Hospital
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2017The incidence and prevalence of pterygium in South Korea: A 10-year population-based Korean cohort stud 강민재, 김성수, 서경률, 임형택, 최문정Article
2017Ten-year incidence and prevalence of clinically diagnosed blepharitis in South Korea: a nationwide population-based cohort study강민재, 김성수, 서경률, 임형택, 최문정Article
2016Retinal vessel structure measurement using spectral-domain optical coherence tomography강민재, 김성수, 박성하, 변석호, 오재원, 임형택, 최윤성Article
2016Anterior nasal transposition of the inferior oblique muscle can cause antielevation syndrome강민재, 한승한, 한진우Article