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김현석 [Kim, Hyun Seok]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Life Science
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2018Chemistry-First Approach for Nomination of Personalized Treatment in Lung Cancer김현석, 이주영article
2018Selective Cytotoxicity of the NAMPT Inhibitor FK866 Toward Gastric Cancer Cells with Markers of the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, Due to Loss of NAPRT김현석, 백순명, 이주영, 정재호, 최윤영article
2018A Functional Signature Ontology (FUSION) screen detects an AMPK inhibitor with selective toxicity toward human colon tumor cells 김현석article
2017Identification of Pharmacologically Tractable Protein Complexes in Cancer Using the R-Based Network Clustering and Visualization Program MCODER 김현석article
2017Somatic mutation driven codon transition bias in human cancer 강현덕, 김상우, 김현석article
2016Cancer-Specific Production of N-Acetylaspartate via NAT8L Overexpression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Its Potential as a Circulating Biomarker김현석article
2016Computational discovery of pathway-level genetic vulnerabilities in non-small-cell lung cancer. 김현석article
2015Mode of action and pharmacogenomic biomarkers for exceptional responders to didemnin B 김현석article
2015Meta-Analysis of Large-Scale Toxicogenomic Data Finds Neuronal Regeneration Related Protein and Cathepsin D to Be Novel Biomarkers of Drug-Induced Toxicity 김현석article
2015Cancer Cell Line Panels Empower Genomics-Based Discovery of Precision Cancer Medicine 김현석, 백순명, 성여진article
2015A genome-scale screen reveals context-dependent ovarian cancer sensitivity to miRNA overexpression 김현석article
2015AMPK Promotes Aberrant PGC1β Expression To Support Human Colon Tumor Cell Survival김현석article
2014Computational detection and suppression of sequence-specific off-target phenotypes from whole genome RNAi screens 김현석article
2013GWAS Meets TCGA to Illuminate Mechanisms of Cancer Predisposition 김현석article
2013Using Functional Signature Ontology (FUSION) to Identify Mechanisms of Action for Natural Products김현석article
2013Systematic Identification of Molecular Subtype-Selective Vulnerabilities in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer 김현석article
2013siMacro: A Fast and Easy Data Processing Tool for Cell-Based Genomewide siRNA Screens 김현석article
2012Host modulators of H1N1 cytopathogenicity 김현석article
2012A noncomplementation screen for quantitative trait alleles in saccharomyces cerevisiae 김현석article