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한국 성인의 식생활 지침 실천도와 이상지혈증의 관련성

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 Association between Compliance with Dietary Guidelines and Dyslipidemia among Koreans 
 홍소영  ;  이계희  ;  정효지  ;  지선하  ;  이명숙  ;  이홍수 
 Korean Journal of Nutrition (한국영양학회지), Vol.40(8) : 745-752, 2007 
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 Korean Journal of Nutrition (한국영양학회지) 
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While metabolic syndrome (MS) is rapidly expanding and dietary pattern, the known risk factor of MS, goes through heavy transition to western diet, not many researches have been done on the association between dyslipidemia and dietary factors in Korean adults. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between compliance with dietary guidelines and dyslipidemia among Koreans. The subjects of 399 adults who visited health examination center were classified into dyslipidemia (n = 180) and control (n = 219). Diagnosis of dyslipidemia was based on NCEP-ATPⅢ criteria (triglyceride > =150㎎/d, HDL-C < 50 ㎎/㎗ for male, HDL-C < 40 ㎎/㎗ for female). A questionnaire based interview was done to collect information on compliance with dietary guidelines, general characteristics and health related behaviors. Anthropometric variables were measured during the survey. Mean compliance score of dietary guideline was significantly lower in dyslipidemia group than in control. It was associated negatively with waist circumference and positively with serum HDL-cholesterol (p<0.05). Risks of dyslipidemia were significantly decreased in the group with highest dietary guideline score; high serum triglyceride levels (OR = 0.484, 95% CI = 0.268-0.875), abdominal obesity (OR = 0.296, 95% CI = 0.159-0.553), and dyslipidemia (OR = 0.481, 95% CI = 0.266-0.869). These results indicated that increasing compliance with dietary guidelines could be an effective strategy to lower the risk of dyslipidemia among Koreans.
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