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병원내 Drug CDSS 구축사례를 통한 진료개선 분석

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 Analysis of Medical Treatment Improvement After Applying Drug CDSS 
 이영택  ;  배미영  ;  채영문  ;  배석봉  ;  최창규  ;  박진현 
 Journal of the Korea Society of Health Informatics and Statistics (한국보건정보통계학회지), Vol.32(2) : 89-98, 2007 
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Journal of the Korea Society of Health Informatics and Statistics(한국보건정보통계학회지)
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Objectives: Making better use of information has been becoming an important issue in the field of healthcare, according as the various and large scale data can be utilized. It is also necessary to apply CDSS in hospital in order to use more information while a doctor dignoses a patient in real time and to reduces medication errors. We developed Drug CDSS which integrates the information for optimum treatment, prevents the medication error, gives an alternative, and provides registrarion information and clinical pathway in insurance guideline. The aim of this study is to analyze medical treatment improvement after applying Drug CDSS. Methods: Drug CDSS is rule-based system. Each rule is based on generic-drug relation. The analysis items are 5 of Drug CDSS functions, which are being checked out by only the prescribing information such as Drug-drug interaction alert, Duplication Alert, Dosage Alert, CoAdministration Alert, and Age Alert. Results: The audited prescriptions checked by Drug CDSS are 9,094 cases (18%) - the duplicate prescription accounts 4,349 cases (8.6%), the excess dose prescription account 2,681 cases (5.31%). Conclusions: Drug CDSS enables to prevent the medication errors as providing medical alert and the necessary data at the point of care in real time.
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