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수모세포종에서 Vimentin과 Survivin의 표현율과 예후와의 관계

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 Vimentin and Survivin Expression Rates as PrognosticFactors in Medulloblastoma 
 석재연  ;  김세훈  ;  김태승  ;  권지은  ;  이윤희 
 KOREAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY , Vol.41(2) : 87-94, 2007 
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Background : A medulloblastoma is a primitive neuroepithelial tumor of the cerebellum that occurs in children and metastasizes through the cerebrospinal fluid. It is highly malignant and invasive, and the 5-year survival rate is only 60%. Surgical resection techniques, radiation, and chemotherapy have improved the overall survival but the patients suffer life-long cognitive dysfunctions or endocrine abnormalities as the side effects of treatment. Therefore it is essential to identify prognostic markers to determine the appropriate treatment strategy in order to minimize the side effects.

Methods : This study evaluated the immunohistochemical differentiation and survival rate with synaptophysin, glial fibrillary acidic protein, epithelial membrane antigen, vimentin and primitive neuroepithelial marker nestin of 55 paraffin-embedded medulloblastomas, using a tissue microarray. The expression of survivin, the apoptotic inhibitor, and the survival rate with regard to the proliferation index of Ki-67 were also investigated.

Results : The group testing positive to vimentin, a mesenchymal differentiation marker, had a worse prognosis and there was a strong correlation between vimentin expression and nestin expression. Patients with a survivin expression rate >35% had a significantly poorer clinical course and there was a correlation between the survivin expression rate and Ki-67 expression rate. Conclusion : In conclusion, vimentin and survivin are negative prognostic markers in medulloblastomas.
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