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First Isolation of Streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. pasteurianus from a Korean Patient with Severe Septic Shock.

 Seri Jeong ; Ji Yeon Park ; Yunsop Chong ; Kyungwon Lee ; Dongeun Yong ; Yangsoon Lee ; Sang Hoon Han 
 Korean Journal of Clinical Microbiology (대한임상미생물학회지), Vol.14(4) : 144~147, 2011 
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 Korean Journal of Clinical Microbiology (대한임상미생물학회지) 
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A 60-year-old man presented with a 1-day history of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. He was diagnosed with severe septic shock on the basis of a body temperature of 38.9degrees C, heart rate of 92/min, respiratory rate of 25/min, WBC count of 22,970/microL, C-reactive protein (CRP) level of 136 mg/L, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) of 34.0 mg/dL, and creatinine of 2.98 mg/dL. On blood culture, Gram-positive cocci were detected in all 6 bottles. Small grayish non-hemolytic colonies were found on blood agar plates after incubation at 37degrees C for 2 days. The isolates were negative for catalase and L-pyrrolidonyl-beta-naphthylamide hydrolysis, and positive for bile-esculin and leucine aminopeptidase activity. The strain was identified as Streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. pasteurianus using Vitek 2 GP II systems. We performed 16S rRNA gene sequencing and detected 100% identity with S. gallolyticus subsp. pasteurianus strain CIP 107122T (1,345/1,345-bp). The patient recovered after receiving ampicillin-sulbactam. This is the first report of phenotypic and genetic identification of S. gallolyticus subsp. pasteurianus causing severe septic shock in a Korean patient.
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