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일부 세치제와 주방세제 사용에 의한 의치상 레진의 표면변화

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 Surface changes of denture base resin according to two toothpastes and a kitchen detergent 
 강재경  ;  김수화  ;  유은미  ;  최혜숙  ;  최유리  ;  김광만 
 Journal of Korean Society of Dental Hygiene (한국치위생학회지), Vol.12(3) : 611-620, 2012 
Journal Title
 Journal of Korean Society of Dental Hygiene (한국치위생학회지) 
Issue Date
denture base abrasion ; denture base resin ; denture cleansers
Objectives : This study evaluated the changes in surface roughness of denture base resin according to the types of denture cleansers. Methods : A denture base resin(Vertex RS, Dentimax, Netherland) was used. Two toothpaste(Antiplaque, Bukwang, Korea; 2080, Aekyung, Korea) and a kitchen detergent(Trio, Aekyung, Korea) were used as a denture cleanser. The specimens were put on the V8 crossbrushing machine(Sabri enterprises, Downers grove, IL, USA) to reproduce toothbrushing and the toothbrushes were flat, round end and soft type. The surfaces of denture base resin specimens were observed by profilometer(SJ-400, MITUTOYO, Japan) and SEM(S-3000N, Hitachi Co., Ibaraki, Japan). Results : 1. According to the result of measuring surface roughness, there was statistically significant difference in Ra, Rq, and Rz(p<0.05). 2. As for Ra, Rq and Rz, Antiplaque toothpaste showed the highest roughness, and there was significant difference from other groups(p<0.01). 2080 toothpaste, Trio, and distilled water were classified as the same group. 3. According to the result of observation with the SEM, the surfaces of the Antiplaque toothpaste group after toothbrushing showed the greatest roughness, and the surfaces of 2080 toothpaste, Trio, and distilled water groups were rough in order. Trio and distilled water had the surfaces similar to those before toothbrushing. Conclusions : Studies to compare the efficacy of denture management methods and examine the effects of denture cleansers on denture materials will be helpful for dental hygienists and dentists providing patients with proper information and education. And it will be also useful for denture users' oral health.
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