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북한이탈주민의 의식 변화에 대한 질적 연구 -남한 입국 3년 된 북한이탈주민들을 대상으로

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 A Qualitative Study of North Korean Refugees` Attitude Shifts -Focusing on Those in South Korea for Three Years 
 유시은  ;  오경자  ;  정안숙  ;  전우택 
 Korean Unification Studies (통일연구), Vol.16(2) : 67-120, 2012 
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 Korean Unification Studies (통일연구) 
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북한이탈주민 ; 탈북자 ; 의식 ; 의식변화 ; 질적 연구 ; North Korean Refugees ; attitude change ; qualitative study
This study aimed to investigate the shifts in attitudes of North Korean refugees who had lived in South Korea for three years. Through in-depth interviews, we examined attitude changes among 15 North Korean refugees who migrated to South Korea in 2007. Qualitative analysis resulted in four categories and 13 concepts; the four categories were attitude changes toward the self, toward North Korea, toward South Korea, and toward religion. Attitude changes toward the self involved the concepts of self-esteem, authority, self-reflection, and self-development. Attitude changes toward North Korea were related to the comparative perspective, North Koreans and North Korean refugees, sad sentiments about their homeland, and complex feelings about fleeing and representation. Attitude changes toward South Korea were related to altruism, the social ladder, and frustration. Attitude changes toward religion involved the concepts of resistance and acceptance. Policy suggestions were made based on the findings.
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