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Alveolar bone necrosis and spontaneous tooth exfoliation associated with trigeminal herpes zoster: a report of three cases.

 Nam-Kyoo Kim ; Bong Chul Kim ; Hyung Jun Kim ; Jung-woo Nam 
 대한구강악안면외과학회지, Vol.38(3) : 177~183, 2012 
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Herpes zoster is a viral infection caused by the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus, an infection most commonly affecting the thoracolumbar trunk. Herpes Zoster Infection (HZI) may affect the cranial nerves, most frequently the trigeminal. HZI of the trigeminal nerve distribution network manifests as multiple, painful vesicular eruptions of the skin and mucosa which are innervated by the infected nerves. Oral vesicles usually appear after the skin manifestations. The vesicles rupture and coalesce, leaving mucosal erosions without subsequent scarring in most cases. The worst complication of HZI is post-herpetic neuralgia; other complications include facial scarring, motor nerve palsy and optic neuropathy. Osteonecrosis with spontaneous exfoliation of the teeth is an uncommon complication associated with HZI of the trigeminal nerve. We report several cases of osteomyelitis appearing on the mandible, caused by HZI, and triggering osteonecrosis or spontaneous tooth exfoliation.
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