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 Back pain with erectile dysfunction 
 허상백 ; 박우영 ; 윤경봉 ; 김재훈 
 Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (대한산과마취학회지), Vol.7(3) : 217~220, 2012 
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 Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (대한산과마취학회지) 
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A 42-year-old male was referred to our pain clinic with back pain. Four years ago, he was treated for back pain caused by falling down injury. He also complained of erectile dysfunction, which was regarded as having psychologic origin at other departments. He had grade IV leg weakness and left lower thoracic paravertebral tenderness. Thoracic CT, plane X-ray and whole body bone scan revealed normal findings. After diagnostic medial branch block at lower thoracic vertebra, pain was subsided partially, but erectile dysfunction persisted. Due to persistent symptoms, we ordered MRI, and the extramedullary mass at T9 level was found. He had undergone neurosurgical operation for tumor removal, and pathologic finding was Schwannoma. After the operation his symptoms improved completely. Although erectile dysfunctions are presumed to have psychologic origin frequently, we report a patient whose symptoms were from the spinal cord tumor.
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