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시료채취 방법에 따른 작업 공정별 Toluene diisocyanates 포집농도 비교

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 Comparison of Toluene Diisocyanate Concentrations Collected with Different Sampling Methods by Work Process 
 김성호 ; 원종욱 ; 노재훈 ; 정우진 ; 김치년 
 한국산업위생학회지, Vol.23(2) : 95~102, 2013 
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Objectives: The aim of this study is to present an appropriate sampling method for individual exposure assessment based on a comparison of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) concentrations collected through different sampling methods by work process type. Methods: Two plants handling TDIs in the Incheon area were selected. The samplings were taken during respective processes of spray painting, drying, grinding, and foaming, in which the production of TDIs took on different forms. For the sampling methods for airborne TDIs, open-face cassette holder, modified 2-piece cassette holder, and impinger were used, and the sampling was performed simultaneously at the same locations. Results: The comparison of TDI collection concentrations by each process depending on the sampling method showed high concentrations in the order of the impinger, modified 2-piece cassette holder, and open-face cassette holder for spray painting and foaming. In all processes with the exception of drying, TDI collection concentrations were higher for sampling done with the modified 2-piece cassette holder than with the open-face cassette holder. Conclusions: Based on these results, the modified 2-piece cassette holder was found to be a more appropriate sampling method than the open-face cassette holder when taking individual samples of TDIs from spray painting, grinding, and foaming processes. In particular, for individual exposure assessment of the spray painting process, which features comparatively high collection concentrations compared to the other processes, the use of a modified 2-piece cassette holder is considered appropriate.
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