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가향담배 사용경험의 연령 및 성별 차이에 대한 질적 연구

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 Qualitative Study on Age and Sex Differences in the Experience of Using Flavored Tobacco 
 김관욱  ;  김희진 
 Journal of the Korean Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (대한금연학회지), Vol.14(4) : 142-153, 2023-12 
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Journal of the Korean Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco(대한금연학회지)
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Flavored tobacco ; Focus group interview ; Youth smoking ; Adult smoking experience ; Beginner-friendly cigarettes ; Nicotine dependence ; Smoking initiation
Background: The popularity of flavored tobacco, especially menthol varieties, is increasing. This use is particularly noticeable among teenagers and young adults under 25.
Methods: This study was conducted using focus group interviews with 42 adolescents and adults, both male and female, from Seoul, metropolitan, and nonmetropolitan areas. The survey took place from May to June 2022 and followed a semistructured guideline.
Results: The findings revealed that teenagers often use strong-tasting and aromatic flavored tobacco as “starter cigarettes,” which plays a critical role in both initiating and maintaining smoking habits. Adults under 25 develop “personal tobacco preferences” influenced by taste and aroma. Users of liquid e-cigarettes often adjust for nicotine concentration and hit sensation with flavor. In contrast, adults over 25 tend to prefer flavored tobacco for “stimulation rather than taste.” Men in this age group favor the throat hit of menthol, while women value reduced odor. The study also found that advertising of flavored tobacco significantly influences youth smoking. Participants believed flavored tobacco could be more harmful than regular cigarettes and that its taste and aroma substantially affect their quitting intentions.
Conclusion: Flavored tobacco impacts various age groups differently regarding smoking initiation, continuation, and cessation. There are also sex-based differences in flavored tobacco preferences. Advertising and specific flavors and aromas have a significant impact on youth. There is a need for further research and routine monitoring on the flavored tobacco.
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