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생명의료윤리 시민 참여의 새로운 접근: 빅데이터 분석을 통한 “조력존엄사” 대중 의견 확인

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 Novel approach to public participation in biomedical ethics: Assessment of public opinion on “Assisted Dying” through big data analysis : Assessment of public opinion on “Assisted Dying” through big data analysis 
 Journal of the Korean Biotechics Association (생명윤리), Vol.23(2) : 121-142, 2022-12 
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Journal of the Korean Biotechics Association(생명윤리)
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Public Participation ; Assisted Dying ; Life-sustaining Treatment Withdrawal ; Big Data ; Topic Modeling ; Sentiment Analysis
Background: In the discussion of biomedical ethics, public participation is theoretically and practically important. However, it is subject to methodological limitations. Big data analysis presents a new direction for assessing public opinions. Therefore, it can be used for public participation. Method: From 2021 to 2022, comments on news articles on the topics of “Assisted Dying”, “Life-sustaining Treatment Withdrawal”, and “Euthanasia” were collected on the portal site to compare frequency, and topic modeling and sentiment analysis were applied. Results: Through comment big data analysis, the following was identified. First, there is a difference in the public discourse content being discussed in the assisted dying and life-sustaining treatment withdrawal. Second, euthanasia is mainly dealt with in connection with animal euthanasia, so it is necessary to review the related terms and meanings. Third, comments on assisted dying shows positive sentiments and comments on life-sustaining treatment withdrawal and euthanasia show negative sentiments. Discussion: First, we reviewed the patient-citizen participation discourse of biomedical ethics and the foundation of empirical bioethics. Based on this, we examined whether big data analysis can be utilized and its possibilities and limitations. next, in light of the research results, the necessity and implications of public participation were identified in relation to the recent emerging discussion of assisted dying and euthanasia.
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