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알츠하이머병에서 혈장 크레아틴과 염증반응, 인지기능과의 연관성

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 Association of Plasma Creatine With Inflammation and Cognitive Function in Persons With and Without Alzheimer’s Disease 
 김민애  ;  오대종  ;  김현정  ;  조소연  ;  하정희  ;  이준영  ;  김어수  ;  김근유 
 Journal of Korean Geriatric Psychiatry(노인정신의학), Vol.25(2) : 98-104, 2021-10 
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Journal of Korean Geriatric Psychiatry(노인정신의학)
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Creatine ; Alzheimer’s disease ; Dementia ; Cognition ; Inflammation ; C-reactive protein
Objective: Creatine, energy buffer in high energy demanding systems including muscle and brain, may play a beneficial role
against neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and thus be a potential biomarker. This study aimed to compare the levels
of plasma creatine between persons with and without AD and investigate associations of plasma creatine levels with cognitive
function and blood-based inflammatory markers.
Methods: We classified elderly participants by cognitive statuses: normal cognition (NC, n=17), mild cognitive impairment (MCI,
n=21), and AD (n=21). To assess cognitive function and inflammatory condition, we performed neuropsychological tests and measured
plasma C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, respectively.
Results: Plasma creatine levels were comparable among participants with AD, MCI, and NC. In overall participants, plasma creatine
levels were not associated with neuropsychological test scores, but negatively associated with plasma CRP levels. In AD group,
plasma creatine levels were negatively associated with neuropsychological test scores and, although not significant, CRP levels
(p=0.086). In participants without AD (NC plus MCI), these associations disappeared.
Conclusion: Plasma creatine levels may not be useful as a biomarker indicating cognitive statuses. However, our results suggest
that, in AD, plasma levels of creatine might reflect the extent of neuroinflammation as well as cognitive deterioration.
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