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시각인지 비대칭성의 성별 차이

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 Sex Difference of Brain Asymmetry in Visual recognition 
 전우택  ;  표진인  ;  민성길  ;  이동영  ;  장인진  ;  신상구 
 Journal of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association (신경정신의학), Vol.34(4) : 1216-1226, 1995-08 
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Journal of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association(신경정신의학)
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Sex difference ; Sex ; Brain asymmetry
Objects : By means of tachistoscopic method, the authors examined the sex difference of brain asymmetricity.
Methods : 19 right-handed normal adult males and 21 right-handed normal adult females with same ages and education years were examined. Used stimuli were Hangul words and Chinese words with one and two letters. The stimuli were presented tachistoscopically in right and left hemivisual field for 150 msecs. Subjects were instructed to read the words as fast as possible. The correct response rate and the reaction time for each words were measured.
Result : Dominance of left hemisphere was more evident in male than in female in the recognition of Hangul words. In the recognition of Chineses words, to one letter words, male and female all had left hemisphere dominance. But, to two letter words, male did not have dominant hemisphere and female have right hemisphere dominance.
Conclusion : Sex difference of brain asymmetricity is not a simple thing and it may depends on the character of stimuli.
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