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토끼 및 흰쥐에서 SS-cream(조루증 치료제)의 음경귀두 도포에 따른 조직학적 변화

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 The Histopathologic Effects of SS-cream in Local and Systemic Organs after Applying the SS-cream on Glans Penis of Rabbit and Rat 
 신종성  ;  최영득  ;  성도환  ;  최형기  ;  조남훈 
 Korean Journal of Urology (대한비뇨기과학회지), Vol.36(12) : 1339-1344, 1995-05 
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SS-cream is a topical agent containing 9 oriental herbs for treating the premature ejaculation. In preclinical tria1, SS-cream has been effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation with only mild side effect of local penile burning sense, and other serious complications were not noted, but there were no exact histopathologic effects as for topical applying. Therefore. we investigated the local and systemic histopathologic effects of SS-cream after applying the SS-cream on glans penis with the rabbits(n=38) and white rats(n=10). SS-cream exhibited no histopathologic changes in the glans penis with temporary application. In long-term application(3-5 months) of the SS-cream on glans penis, there was a transient lymphocytes infiltration and mild congestion at submucous layer of the glans penis, which was subsided spontaneously in a 7 days later after the end of study. But these phenomena were not seen in group which the SS-cream was washed away 30 minutes later with applying on the glans penis. The other systemic histopathologic changes(testes, kidney, liver and spleen) were not seen in any experiments. With these results, we can conclude that there were no significant local and systemic histopathological changes in the temporary and long-term application of SS-cream on glans penis, and the SS-cream is proven safe for treating the premature ejaculation without untoward local and systemic histopathologic changes if it is respectively washed away 30 minutes later after the application on the glans penis.
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