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조루증 환자에서 SS-cream의 국소 마취 효과

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 Local Anesthetic Effects of SS-cream in Patients with Premature Ejaculation 
 신종성  ;  최영진  ;  최영득  ;  류지간  ;  성도환  ;  최형기 
 Korean Journal of Andrology (대한남성과학회지), Vol.13(1) : 31-37, 1995-04 
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Korean Journal of Andrology(대한남성과학회지)
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We investigated 60 men (age: 20-57 years) with uncomplicated premature ejaculation (PE) and 66 normal potent volunteer men (age: 19-58 years) as control subjects. Vibratory sensory sensitivity was measured with biothesiometry on the glans penis, penile shaft, scrotum and index finger. To evaluate the local anesthetic effects of SS-cream, the patients with PE were randomly assigned to one of three groups of 20 patients each. The patients in group I applied SS-cream 0.2gm to the glans penis; those in group II applied 2% lidocaine cream 0.2gm, and those in group III applied 9.6% lidocaine spray 0.2gm. Penile biothesiometry was repeated after application of the aaigned agent.
The thresholds of vigration perception on the glans penis and penile shaft before application of the anesthetic were significantly lower in the patients with PE (0.06±0.024 and 0.06±0.021 μM) than in the control subjects (0.22±0.133 and 0.12±0.046 μM) (p<0.001). The threshold of vibratory perception on the glans penis in the control subjects increased with age; however, the threshold was constant regardless of age in the patients with PE. Thus, it can be suggested that penile hypersensitivity is an organic cause of PE.
In all patients with PE, the thresholds of vibration recorded at the glans penis were increased 1 hour after the application of the anesthetic agent, exhibited a plateau, and then returned to the pretreatment level. There were significant differences in the peak values of biothesiometry at each interval and in the duration of decreased sensation on the glans penis (p<0.001). The thresholds of penile vibration perception after application of SS-cream were near the level found in the control subjects. However, the value obtained by penile biothesiometry after 2% lidocaine was lower, and that after 9.6% lidocaine was higher, than the value in the control subjects. No significant differences in such values were noted at the penile shaft, scrotum or index finger in any of the groups of patients with PE.
SS-cream has effective topical anesthetic action in patients with PE, and the potency of the anesthetic effect is less than that of 9.6% lidocaine but more than of 2% lidocaine. We concluded that SS-cream is a legitimate treatment for PE.
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