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새기형(새기형,Branchial Anomalies) : 대한 소아외과학회 회원을 주 대상으로 한 전국 조사

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 Branchial Anomalies in Korea - A Survey by the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons - 
 박우현  ;  권수인  ;  김상윤  ;  김성철  ;  김신곤  ;  김우기  ;  김인구  ;  김재억  ;  김현학  ;  박귀원  ;  박영식  ;  박주섭  ;  송영택  ;  안우섭  ;  오남근  ;  오수명  ;  유수영  ;  이남혁  ;  이두선  ;  이명덕 
 Journal of the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons (소아외과), Vol.2(2) : 119-128, 1996-12 
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Journal of the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons(소아외과)
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Branchial anomaly ; Children ; Korea
The survey on branchial anomalies was conducted by Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons. A total of 173 cases were reported, which were managed by 36 members and cooperators during the three years from January 1, 1993 through December 31, 1995. The following results were obtained by retrospective analysis of the 173 cases of branchial anomalies. The presenting symptoms were cervical mass in 101 cases, pit with or without discharge in 71, cervical abscess in 47 and respiratory difficulty in 3. The average age of the patients with cervical abscess was 52 months. Seventy(79%) of 89 patients with branchial anomalies and a cystic mass had their first clinical manifestations by 1 year of age, while 40(51%) of 78 patients with only a branchial cyst had their first clinical manifestation in first year of life. Radiologic studies were carried out in 77 patients (43%). The preferred diagnostic modalities were ultrasonography(47 patients), simple neck radiogram(19) and CT scan(17). Preoperative diagnosis was correctly made in 156(91%) of 173 patients. Seventeen patients were incorrectly diagnosed as thyroglossal duct cyst in 5 patients, cystic hygroma in 4, dermoid cyst in 3, and lymphadenopathy in 3. There were no remarkable difference in sex and laterality of presentation but bilateral lesions were found in 9(5%) patients and unusual locations of the anomalies were the manubrium, left subclavicular area, median cervial area, preauricular and parotid area. There were 78(45%) patients with cyst, 52(30%) patients with sinus, 35(20%) patients with fistula and 8(5%) patient with skin tag. Embryological classification was possible in only 64(37%) patients. The 2nd branchial anomaly was present in 50(78%), the 1st branchial anomaly in 10(18%), and the 3rd or 4th branchial anomaly in 4(6%). Histopathological study of the lining epithelium(N=134) is recorded that 45% were lined with squamous epithelium, 17% with respiratory epithelium, 6% with. squamous and respiratory epithelium, 14% with inflammatory change. Lymphoid tissue was common(62%) in the wall of the lesions. Twelve(7%) of 158 patients had postoperative complications including wound complication, recurrence and facial nerve palsy.
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