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사람 위암세포에 c-erbB-2 단백의 발현에 따른 NK세포 세포독성능에 대한 감수성 변화와 그 기전에 대한 연구

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 The Alteration of Sensitivity to NK Cytotoxicity in c-erbB-2 Oisutuve Gastric Cancer Cell and the Mechanism Involved 
 박병우  ;  이경식  ;  윤정구  ;  민진식  ;  박인서  ;  김주항 
 Journal of the Korean Surgical Society (대한외과학회지), Vol.50(6) : 811-821, 1996-06 
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C-erbB-2 is one of the most well known oncogenes in human malignant tumors and it is expressed in about 8~20% of gastric carcinomas, With overexpression of the c-erbB-2, the cancer cells may acquire the ability to resist to host defense mechanism against tumors. But the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon are not known.
In order to study the mechanism implicated by this phenomenon, the expression of the c-erbB-2 protein on human gastric cancer cells were evaluated in relation to their sensitivity to KN cytotoxicity and alterations on their surface molecules(class I-HLA and ICAM-1).
First single cell suspensions were prepared from prepared from primary gastric cancer tissue and from malignant cells from ascites fluid due to gastric cancer. Then the expression of c-erbB-2 protein was determined by immunohistochemical staining and compared by flow cytometry. NK cytotoxicity was measured by 51Cr release assays. Surface molecules such as class I-HLA and ICAM-1 of gastric cancer cells. were also measured by flow cytometry.
c-erb-B2 positive cancer cells were less sensitive to NK cytotoxicity than c-erbB-2 negative cancer cells. Higher expressions of class I-HLA molecules and lower expression of ICAM-1 molecules were observed in cancer cells that were c-erbB-2 positive and NK resistant.
These results suggest that c-erbB-2 positive cancer cells could get their highly malignant potential by changing their sensitivity to NK cytotoxicity and this might be partly due to the altered expressions of surface molecules, such as class I-HLA and ICAM-1 that could be targets recognized by NK cells.
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