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 Histopathological Changes in Cold-Stored Dog Lungs to the Preservation Solutions 
 김해균  ;  이두연  ;  백효채  ;  배기만  ;  조현민  ;  이기범  ;  박만실  ;  김현 
 Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (대한흉부외과학회지), Vol.29(8) : 816-821, 1996-08 
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Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery(대한흉부외과학회지)
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Lung transplantation is the established treatment for the end stage lung disedse find preservation of the organ is a major obstacle In performing lung transplantation. For solving this problem, we evaluated the histopathologic changes for various preservation solutions. Male mongrel dogs of similar size and weight (15∼20 kg) were used. The dog lungs were flushed with 4fl normal saline(group 1 'n:5): Modified Euro-Collins solution(group 2 n:5) and University of Wisconsin solution (group 3 : n=6), 60m11kg through a catheter placed in the main pulmonary artery aft r flushing of PGE 1 (20ng1kg). The lungs were preserved for 60 hours and measured dry and wet weights. Histologic specimens were taken every 6 hours and %toed for light microscopic evaluation. The edema ratio of the lungs peaked in 12 hours although there was no difference between the groups. Histologically, alveolar septal changes developed in one case (20%) after 1 hour preservation with normal saline. In case of the University of Wisconsin solution, the alveolar septal distortions and swellings were seen in 1 cases (20%) after 6 hours preservation compared with 3 cases (60%) after 6 hours preservation with Modified Euro-Collins solution. Changes of the pneumocytes were observed after 24 hours preser- vation in group 1, after 48 hours preservation in group 2 and after 60 hours preservation in group 3. We conclude that University of Wisconsin solution might have a superior preservation effect compare to normal saline and Modified Euro-Collins solutions.
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