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수질오염의 건강위해성 인식(risk perception) 관련요인

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 Related factors on the risk prediction of water pollution 
 신동천  ;  박종연  ;  임영욱  ;  정용 
 한국수질보전학회지, Vol.12(1) : 89-99, 1996-06 
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This study was conducted to analyse the relationship of socio-demographic and socio-psychological factors to the risk perception of water pollution. An analysing model was derived from Health Belief Model which has been used largely in studying preventive behaviors. At October 1994, a series of questionnaire surveys were conducted to four groups consisted of general public, environmental experts, public officials, and pressmen, which were regarded as groups having different point of view toward pollution problem. The response rate was 62.3%, 851 subjects out of 1,366. The results showed us the fact that the sensitivity or seriousness perception to the water pollution problem was related closely with the degree of concern to the problem. For an effective policy in water management, risk perception(threat onto health by water pollution) should be linked to anti-pollution behaviors. But risk perception was not the direct factor related to such behaviors, and also willingness to pay for the provision of clean water. There were more anti-pollution behaviors among women than men. more concerned with pollution problem, more affected by mass media, and more seriously perceived, likely to practice antipollution behaviors. In summary there was pretty weak relation between the risk perception of water pollution and the anti-pollution behaviors, an alternative policy was thought to be necessary to improve water quality. It should be considered that mass media be utilized in full and that communication means among experts, public officials, and the general public be systematized so that the delivery of information not to be distorted or discontinued.
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