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흰쥐 적출간 관류법을 이용한 벤지딘계 염료 Direct Black 38의 대사

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 The Metabolism of Benzidine-based Dye Direct Black 38 in the Isolated Perfused Rat Liver 
 원종욱  ;  노재훈  ;  김춘성  ;  박윤정  ;  김치년 
 Korean Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (대한산업의학회지), Vol.8(1) : 59-65, 1996-01 
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Korean Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine(대한산업의학회지)
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Direct Black 38, a kind of benzidine-based azo dye, is widely used as a dye for fabric, leather, cotton, cellulosic material, paper, wool, silk, and so on. Benzidine-bases azo dyes are proven as a mutagen and linked to bladder cancer. In 1978, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommended that three widely used benzidine-based dyes(Direct Black 38, Direct Blue 6, and Direct Brown 95) should be treated as carcinogens. In this experiment, metabolism of the benzidine-based dye, Direct Black 38 was examined by using an isolated liver perfusion system. To measure the metabolites of Direct Black 38, 8.0μM, 30.5μM and 63.3μM of Direct Black 38 was added into the recirculating perfusate of the isolated perfused rat liver. Samples were collected at 0, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120 minute. They were treated with sep-pak and methanol, and the metabolites were detected and quantified with high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Residual non-reactive dye in the perfusate and liver was reduced to benzidine and then analyzed by HPLC. Detected metabolites of Direct Black 38 were benzidine, N-acetylbenzidine, and N, N'-diacetylbenzidine. The average concentration of benzidine was 0.1μM and this concentration was maintained throughout the experimental period. The average concentration of N-acetylbenzidine was 0.22μM and took the same pattern of benzidine. When 30.5μM of Direct Blact 38 was added to the perfusate, only N, N'-diacetylbenzidine increased slightly with time. From the above results we suggest that only small amount of Direct Black 38 might be metabolized to benzidine regardless of the s, amount of the Direct Black 38. There are some possible explanations. The liver was damaged during the perparation. And the function of the perfused liver decreased rapidly because adsorbing of dye. The benzidine, acetylbenzidine and diacetylbenzidine metabolized to other metabolites were not detected in this experiment.
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