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Symptoms of PTSD according to individual and work environment characteri...

Byeong Su Yum ; Jae Hoon Roh ; Jae Chun Ryu ; Jong Uk Won ; Chi Nyon Kim ; Ju... JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOMATIC RESEARCH, Vol.61(5) : 691-697, 2006

Working Hours and Cardiovascular Disease in Korean Workers: A Case-contr...

Inchul Jeong ; Jeongbae Rhie ; Inah Kim ; Innshil Ryu ; Pil Kyun Jung ; Yoo S... JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, Vol.55(5) : 385-391, 2013

The association between sleep duration and dry eye syndrome among Korean...

Wanhyung Lee ; Sung-Shil Lim ; Jong-Uk Won ; Jaehoon Roh ; June-Hee Lee ; Hon... SLEEP MEDICINE, Vol.16(11) : 1327-1331, 2015

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