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Cost analysis of treating Cholera patient in Tanzania : a public health care system perspective

 Juma, Nyembea Hamad 
 Graduate School of Public Health (보건대학원) 
 Global heath security detection program 
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Background: Cholera disease remains a global public health concern mostly in Lower and Middle income economies. Data on disease burden to the public health system for the policy decision makers to use are in adequate in Tanzania. This study aims to estimate the direct economic burden of Cholera disease in the Public health system. Methods: This is a retrospective study involving data of four years from 2015 to 2018 from the Health management information system (HMIS) database from MOH Tanzania, Health facility registry, Ministry of Public service and good govern-ance, MSD Tanzania, UNICEF, Previous publications and WHO. Data collected from the facility were entered to costing tool called “Choltool” to estimate the cost incurred by the facility to manage Cholera outbreak and cost to treat a single Chol-era patient. Data from previous publication provided ranges of Cholera cases as minimum and maximum which were intertwined with data from MOH by using spe-cial equation to get average ranges of Cholera cases for each year. These cases were multiplied by cost to treat single patient to get sensitivity cost ranges in each year for the study years. Results: In this study we found that, on average, the treatment cost of Cholera pa-tient was estimated to be US$ 106.75. Furthermore, the average annual Cholera treatment ranged from US$ 3.24 million in 2015 to US$ 1.18 Million. In this study, we also found that facility support and supplies is the major driver for the treatment cost and constituted almost 34.0% (US$ 36.32) of all costs incurred. Conclusion: This study revealed the economic burden of cholera to public health care system in Tanzania to be as high as US$ 106.75. Altogether, our findings have direct policy implications regarding investments in prevention of cholera. Future similar study economic burden of Cholera study involving both direct and indirect cost needed to deepen understanding.
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