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Alteration in brain connectivity in patients with Dravet syndrome after vagus nerve stimulation (VNS): exploration of its effectiveness using graph theory analysis with electroencephalography

 Zhi-Ji Wang  ;  Eun-Seong Kim  ;  Byoungho H Noh  ;  Jun-Ge Liang  ;  Dongpyo Lee  ;  Yun Jung Hur  ;  Nam-Young Kim  ;  Heung-Dong Kim 
 JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING, Vol.17(3) : 036014, 2020-06 
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Objective: Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is a nonpharmacologic therapeutic option for patients who have pharmaco-resistant Dravet syndrome (DS). Plentiful efforts have been made for delivering VNS to DS patients, but its effectiveness still requires further verification. We investigated the effectiveness of the VNS treatment of DS patients using brain connectivity analysis with electroencephalography (EEG). Approach: Twenty pharmaco-resistant DS patients were selected to undergo VNS implantation and classified into responder and non-responder groups after 24 months post-VNS. The effect of VNS between 6 months pre- and 6, 12, and 24 months post-VNS in all patients, responders, and non-responders on four different frequency categories of four brain parameters were compared using resting-state EEG. Main results: In alpha and beta bands, all patients showed positive results for characteristic path length (CPL), global efficiency (GE), and transitivity after VNS treatment, and changes in betweenness centrality (BC) were not significant. The difference in transitivity between responders and non-responders is more pronounced than those in CPL and GE are, in both the alpha (p < 0.015) and beta (p < 0.001) bands. There was an obvious change in BC, especially in the alpha band, as the hubs tended to move from frontal lobe to parietal lobe for responders; however, there was no change for the non-responders. Significance: We investigated the alteration in brain connectivity of DS patients in alpha and beta bands during a long-term follow-up and found the responders have a decreased transitivity after the VNS treatment. Moreover, the hubs with high values in the alpha band tended to move from frontal lobe to parietal lobe for responders after VNS treatment.
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