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대학생의 인터넷 중독과 우울과의 관련성

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 A Study on the Relationship of Internet Addiction and Depression in College students 
 이준호  ;  이청복  ;  전나형  ;  전누리  ;  정원재  ;  이후연  ;  박은철  ;  함명일 
 Korean Journal of Epidemiology (한국역학회지), Vol.26(2) : 54-61, 2004-12 
Journal Title
 Korean Journal of Epidemiology (한국역학회지) 
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dpression ; internet addiction
Objectives: To investigate the relationship of internet addiction and depression, and evaluate other possible related factors. Methods: Data was based on the questionnaires from 300 college students in Seoul. Gender, age, major, family income, academic performance, people they live with, location, and main use of internet were included. We used Young's Internet Addiction Test and Beck Depression Inventory(BDI) to measure the depression and addiction degree. Results: In logistic regression analysis, it was found that gender, depression degree and main use of internet were significant variables. There were 136 males, 144 females in this study, and the risk of being addicted to internet were 10.9 times(CI:2.67~44.68) higher in male than female. People with moderate depression (Beck's Depression Inventory(BDI) Score>20) also had higher risk(11.4 times, CI:2.03~63.95) to be addicted in internet than normal group. Lastly, in case of internet use, people who use internet for games and chatting were 6.38(CI:1.38~29.63) and 4.84 times(CI:1.30~18.06) risky compare to the group with web surfing. Conclusion: The result of this study suggests that there is noticeable relationship of internet addiction and depression. However we do oat have evidence of exact relation between them, therefore more studies should be done.
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