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국내 영유아 자폐스펙트럼장애의 SACS-K 적용 : 자폐스펙트럼장애, 발달지연, 일반 집단 지표 비교

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 Application of SACS-K to Korean infants and toddlers with autism spectrum disorders (ASD): comparison of markers between ASD, developmental delay and typical children 
 이경숙  ;  정석진  ;  조숙환  ;  신의진  ;  전민경  ;  안수인 
 Journal of the Korean Association for Persons with Autism (자폐성장애연구), Vol.16(1) : 1-26, 2016-04 
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 Journal of the Korean Association for Persons with Autism (자폐성장애연구) 
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SACS ; SACS-K ; autism spectrum disorders ; infants and toddlers ; early screening indicators
This study examined the validity of the Social Attention and Communication Study (SACS) for 18 and 24 months by Barbaro and Dissanayake (2010) for Korean infants and toddlers and found major markers for screening of infants and toddlers with ASD. When SACS-K was administered to 105 typical infants and toddlers selected randomly, two children were found at risk of ASD and one of them (0.9%) was diagnosed as ASD. When SACS-K was administered to infant and toddlers with ASD (29) and developmental delay (16) and typical children (22) whose average age was 25 months, the instrument for 18 months showed failure rates of 42.9% to 100% for each question and the instrument for 24 months showed failure rates of 29.2% to 95.8% for each marker in the response analysis of infants and toddlers with ASD. For SACS-K for 24 months, key markers showing significant difference between ASD and developmental delay groups included, response to name, imitation, eye contact, social communication (showing), pointing, waving ‘bye-bye’ and loss of skill. These findings prove validity of SACS-K preliminary and discuss different key markers between cultures.
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