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공군 병사의 군 생활 스트레스와 우울

 Graduate School of Public Health (보건대학원) 
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The soldier is a special environment, and various military life stresses cause problems of military organization as well as personal problems. Military life stress leads to personal problems such as departure and desertion, safety accidents, and suicide, as well as problems on the main mission and military organization level. This study analyzes the relationship between military life stress and depression in Air force soldiers. Questionnaires were administered to the ○○th squadron soldier using the Depression Scale Inventory (BDI) and the Military Life Stress Questionnaire. The final study subjects were 312 subjects. The stress type and the degree of depression were analyzed, Logistic regression analysis was performed on factors affecting depression. As a result, military stress was higher in group of having no future plans, Without doing leisure activities, The worse the sleep quality, The fewer friends you can tell, experienced transferring troops. There were many depressed people with poor subjective health status, without doing leisure activities, the worse the sleep quality, the fewer friends you can tell, experienced transferring troops. Without doing leisure activities, the worse the sleep quality, the fewer friends you can tell, work disruption - over stress, family-stress relationship stress have had a great impact on depression. Therefore, in the health promotion plan, programs related to leisure activities, quality of sleep, motivation to confront grievances, work confusion - over stress, family are needed. The purpose of this study is to provide a basis for understanding the relationship between the stress and depression of Air force soldiers, it is expected that it will help improve the combat power of the Air force in that it provides basic data for establishing the Air force mental health program.
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