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페루 까라바이요 지역 여성의 성인지 태도 영향요인 분석

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 Analysis of influencing factors to gender norm attitude of Peru Urban poor area women 
 Graduate School of Public Health (보건대학원) 
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The purpose of this study was to analysis the factors that influence gender norm attitude of Peru urban poor area women in order to provide the basic data for improving women’s right and health in Peru and other developing countries in Latin America. This study used data from a baseline survey of 'Peru Urban(Carabayllo) Low-income Women's Healthy Family Self-support Center(HFSC) Establishment Project’ which is a Civil society Partnership Program of KOICA at 2017. Collected data was analyzed by SPSS PC+25.0 for windows, frequency, T-test, ANOVA, Pearson’s correlation and Stepwise multiple regression were performed. Main results of this study are as follows; First, Urban Poor women showed more egalitarian beliefs on the rights and privileges of men compared to the equity for girls. Second, subjects showed more egalitarian beliefs on gender norm attitude in following cases; more educated, literacy, came from large city, higher family income, experience of gender violence, higher family APGAR score, self-awareness as the subject of change of life. Third, significant factors influencing gender norm attitude were duration of residence in urban poor area, experience of gender violence, region of origin and family APGAR score. Integrating the results of above researches, there need to develop programs that can reflect family health-enhancing factors with long-term residence of family members and with reducing urban and regional gap. Especially for preventing gender violence, there need to develop and carry out tailor-made program which can strengthen woman's subjective authority by enhancing self-determination and autonomy.
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