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수술실 환자안전문화 증진방안 연구 : 일 개 상급종합병원 수술실 간호사를 중심으로

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 A Study on Improvement of Patient Safety Culture in the Operating Rooms : Based on Focus Group Interview of Operating Room Nurses in a Tertiary Hospital 
 Graduate School of Public Health (보건대학원) 
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The operating room is unique place which has exclusive culture and various specialized medical staffs have to cooperate for surgical medical services. For that reason it is important to understand the culture dynamics to the surgery room and to endeavor to institute patient safety culture appropriately. Precedent Study is limited to assessing the level of awareness of the patient safety culture and identifying correlations between patient safety management activities. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore the practical ways to improve patient safety culture among nurses who understand the special environment of the operating room. The study was conducted through a focus group interviewing Operating Room Nurses of a Tertiary Hospital with the approval of the Institutional Review Board on May 11, 2019. Interviews were done using the seven key questions based on previous studies. A total of 24 improvement plans were discussed during the interviews of the participants, and the related contents were grouped into 12 subcategories and 5 higher categories. In addition, adding patient safety awareness to the categories, final six categories was suggested - Creating Evidence-Based Practice Culture, Creating a Learning Culture, Improving a Fair and Just Culture, leadership support, and effective teamwork environment. Through this study which analyze the improvement plan of patient safety culture in operating room of Tertiary Hospital in Korea, This study looks for to expand the guarantee of patient safety and contribute to reduction of patient safety accident by establishing correct patient safety culture of operating room medical staff.
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