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Bacteroides fragilis group 세균의 항균제 감수성 성적에 대한 Wilkins-Chalgren agar 사용의 영향

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 Effect on the Susceptibillities of Bacteroides fragilis Group Organisms by the Use of Wilkins-Chalgren Agar 
 신혜정  ;  서설송  ;  이종욱  ;  이경원  ;  정윤섭  ;  권오헌 
 Journal of Clinical Pathology and Quality Control(임상병리와 정도관리), Vol.19(1) : 191-196, 1997 
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Journal of Clinical Pathology and Quality Control(임상병리와 정도관리)
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Agar ; Anti-Infective Agents ; Bacteria, Anaerobic ; Bacteroides fragilis ; Bacteroides ; Brucella ; Korea ; Lakes ; Metronidazole ; Sheep ; Vitamin K 1
BACKGROUND: Anaerobic bacteria are increasingly being recognized as clinically significant. Bacteroides fragilis group (BFG) organisms are the most frequently isolated anaerobes. A significant increase in resistance to antimicrobial agents among these organisms has been reported in worldwide as well as in Korea. Several media and methods for susceptibility testing of anaerobes have been published. This study was to determine the effect of media on the susceptibilities of BFG organisms. METHODS: Nonduplicate clinical isolates of 60 BFG organisms were collected during 1994 at Severance Hospital. Species identification was performed by ATB system or conventional methods. Antimicrobial susceptibility was tested by an agar dilution method using Wilkins-Chalgren agar and brucella agar supplemented with vitamin K1 and 5% laked sheep blood (BBA). RESULTS: The MICs of all of the antimicrobial agents were slightly higher by BBA than by Wilkins-Chalgren agar. Except for metronidazole, 98% or more of the results were within two log2 dilution. However, no significant difference was noted in resistance rate. CONCLUSIONS: Wilkins-Chalgren agar is less expensive and simpler to prepare than BBA with comparable results for the antimicrobial susceptibility testing of BFG organsims.
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