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Lectin Binding Pattern of Neuroepithelial and Respiratory Epithelial Cells in the Gerbil Nasal Cavity

 Kyung Shik Suh  ;  Joo-Heon Yoon  ;  Jeung-Gweon Lee 
 Ajou Medical Journal (아주의학), Vol.2(2) : 119-125, 1997 
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 Ajou Medical Journal (아주의학) 
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In this study, we applied a panel of lectins for histochemical mapping of carbohydrates in the various types of epithelia in the nasal cavity of the gerbil. Lectin histochemistry at the light microscope level was used to determine the distribution of sugar residues on cell surface. Seven 20-day gerbils were decapitated and sectioned through nose with 3mm thickness. A panel of seven biotinylated lectins (Con A, WGA, RCA l, PNA, SBA, DBA, UEA l) were applied to the samples and the lectins were demonstrated by avidine-biotin-horseradish peroxidase complex technique with 0.05% DAB staining. In the nasal respiratory epithelium, the cilia reacted with all lectins except PNA. The lateral nasal wall cilia reacted with UEA l, but the medial wall did not react with UEA l. The cytoplasm of the epithelium did not react with WGA, PNA and UEA l. The goblet cells reacted with all the lectins except Con A. The submucosal glands in the respiratory epithelium did not react with DBA.
For Con A and DBA, there existed 2 groups of reaction and non-reaction in the submucosal glands. In olfactory neuroepithelium, the ciliary layer reacted with the lectins except UEA l and the receptor neurons and olfactory nerve fibers did not react with Con A and UEA l. The Bowman gland did not react with Con A and PNA. In vomeronasal organ, the surface reacted with all the lectins. The receptor neurons and nerve fibers did not react with PNA and DBA. Thus, the presence of different sugars on the surface of the different types of epithelia in the gerbil nasal cavity was demonstrated indirectiy by lectin binding patterns. With these basic results from gerbil nasal mucosa, we expect to be able to perform further nasal functional and morphological studies in the gerbil nasal mucosa.
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